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MOVED!! November 8, 2009

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GS Business Resources web site has moved! The new site is http://gsbusinessresources.com

The new blog is located at http://gsbusinessresources.com/?page_id=87

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Finally! September 14, 2009

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This blog is moving!

I started this blog in February 2009. I bought my domain name in March 2009. It is now September 2009 and I have finally bought hosting for the blog! So I’m transferring this over to WordPress.org and running it through my domain name.

I was in the middle of a blog post when I got this worked out, so things may be a bit quiet this week. Well, even quieter than normal. Once everything is up and running, I’ll post all the details.

My week is certainly off to an exciting start – hope yours is as well!

This Week’s Articles of Interest September 11, 2009

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Happy Friday!! When you run your own business, the days often seem to blur together, but I think I’ve spent enough years working on a regular schedule that Friday always seems special. Of course, my 13 year old son is also quick to point out when it is Friday since he will have two days off from school and extra time to play video games!

If you do have some free time this weekend, here are some articles I saw this week that I found especially interesting. Maybe they will be helpful to you, or someone you know. I’ve emailed one link to a potential client to help him sort out some social media issues.

And this week’s articles are:

Five Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Companies Make from Denise Wakeman’s Biz Tips Blog. How many are you guilty of? What can you do to eliminate it/them?

Twenty Not-So-Obvious Blogs for Freelancers I love lists like these! Not only do they provide great information, but I like seeing how many things I already know about or am doing.

Sadly, this is one I really need to read often – Email the Great Time Waster. My inbox is totally out of control, and I spend far too much time checking it just in case something urgent came in. I think I need to read this post at the beginning of each day.

Great controversy over the president addressing kids in schools, but this blog post focuses on some good advice he gave regarding social media. Wonder if it will be followed?

Unfortunately, my time is limited and I’ve missed some great stuff out there. What articles and blog posts did you find interesting this week?

Get Clients Now! Update #2 July 10, 2009

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As I mentioned in previous posts here and here, I worked through the Get Clients Now! program  in June. While I believe this is an excellent program filled with great ideas for building your service business, I faced several challenges along the way.

The biggest challenge was building my networking and referral groups. I knew I wanted to push myself, to see how much I could accomplish in 28 days.  But, finding meetings to attend was hard; finding meetings that fit my schedule (single parent with full-time job) was nearly impossible. Mid-way through the 28 days, I realized the goals I had set were not realistic.

I decided to change my methods, and instead, focus on referral building with people I already knew. I got in touch with those I’d talked to before to see if they could offer any names  to contact. A couple of good suggestions that I followed up on, but so far no results.

By now I’m getting quite discouraged. I have one client, and am spending part of my time working on that – which is a very good thing! But I don’t feel like I am moving my business forward. In doing my daily checklist for Get Clients Now!  I realize that I am completing the same areas over and over, and the networking and referral ones are constantly blank.

So, I had to regroup for the last week. I decided that the networking and referral area would be temporarily put aside, and I’d focus on my blog, commenting on other blogs and online forums, and making a list of everyone I could think of to contact that I had not already.

This week I have taken vacation from my day job. My son is at his dad’s, and my goal has been to work on my business. I had some client work to do and some web sites and programs to test out, but the primary goal was to network. I found lunch meetings to attend two days this week, and while I won’t be able to join these groups right now (issues with my schedule again) it was good practice for me to go, meet people, get my name out there, and collect their business cards in hope I can refer business to them and develop a relationship that way. I am also working through the list of people to contact to see if anything develops from that.

In a sense, I’m taking the program Get Clients Now! for just this area, and condensing it into one week. I’ll update again with how things work out. I’m also considering doing the Get Clients Now! again later this month, or in August when my son is back in school and my schedule is a bit more set. First I want to see how much I can accomplish in a week when all I have to focus on is my business.

More to come…..

If you’ve read the book and participated in the Get Clients Now! program, please leave a comment and let me know what you  thoughts and results were. Did you face any challenges you hadn’t anticipated, and if so, how did you work through them?

GS Business Resources Is In The News June 24, 2009

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I had a pleasant surprised last week when Dawn Rivers Baker, editor of the MicroEnterprise Journal contacted me requesting an interview.

After staring at the email for several minutes, wondering if she had lost her mind, I decided why not. I’ve read her blog for several months and have always enjoyed Dawn’s insightful, thoughtful, and sometimes sassy posts. I’ve also been following her on Twitter, and we’ve had a few pleasant exchanges about health insurance and the weather. If she thought my situation was worth talking about, who was I to argue!

The interview was a delightful way to spend a half hour of my day. The resulting post  makes me sound very good indeed. Thanks Dawn, for a great opportunity! I look forward to chatting with you again, to let you know how my business is growing.

You can read the  blog post here.

She also mentioned me, my business, and the interview in her weekly podcast which can be found here.

Take a look and listen, and post comments here and on Dawn’s blog.

If you came here via The MicroEnterprise Journal  or its blog, welcome! If you didn’t, you need to go check it out!

So…what does a VA do? February 26, 2009

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Virtual Assistant, or VA for short, is a term that many people aren’t familiar with. VAs do exactly what an office staff can do, but they do it from a remote location. By using the internet, email, fax and telephone, an assistant can be located anywhere. They can work for a company located down the road, across the country, or on the other side of the world.  The advantage to a business owner is that the work can be done without having to hire an employee and pay benefits. You only pay for the time that is actually spent working on your projects.

If you are used to having staff in the office, it may be a bit disconcerting to have someone located elsewhere. However, you may find that a VA can provide the added touch that your business needs to make it run more efficiently.  To get started, may I suggest that you find one or two tasks that you do not enjoy, and hire a VA to do them? See how it goes, then consider hiring them for other tasks. The tasks can be one-time things, or can be chores that come up regularly.

Think about it – what could you do to grow your business with the time you would free up by hiring a VA?