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This Week’s Articles Of Interest September 25, 2009

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This has not been the best month for me. Oh, nothing horrible or disastrous has happened, and for that I am very grateful. However, for all of the planning I’ve done, very little of it is happening. Real life has temporarily taken over and I am not making progress on my business – and specifically my blog – like I want to. Fortunately, tomorrow is another day, and next week is another month, and I will keep trying.

I did find some very interesting articles on the web this week. Here’s this week’s round-up:

Top 5 Business Blogging Mistakes – are you making any of them? You may be, because they are easy to do, so take a look and see what you can change to get better results.

Also from Mashable, a guide to setting up a Facebook Page for your business. If you don’t have one, this will get you started. If you do have one, see what tips you can learn to make it better!

Once again, Seth Godin has provided excellent information that is really making me think about how to market my business and that of my clients.

Still not sure if Twitter can help your small business? Think it can help but not sure how to start? Take a look at this article to see how one small business used Twitter to grow and expand their business.

And once you do get on Twitter, you need to find ways to manage it. This article on Time Saving Twitter Tools from TargetStars blog provides a nice round-up of twitter tools. Be sure to check out the comments on that post for more suggestions.

Those are just a few of the articles and blog posts I found interesting this week. What caught your attention? Please share in the comments!



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