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Blog Move Update September 16, 2009

Posted by gsbusinessresources in General.
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Yes, the blog is still moving! I’ve actually exported the posts to the new site, but I’m still trying to sort out the theme and until that is done, I’m keeping this site going.

Why is nothing ever as simple as it seems?

Partly, because I create problems for myself! So here’s a tip for today – if you have a domain and have been using an email address associated with that domain name, do NOT use it when giving your information to your new host.

You guessed it – I had my new host send all the login information to the email address that goes with the domain I was moving. Since the hosting was in transition, the email bounced. I felt really stupid about it, but I finally got my email going again and so far have sorted most things out. But, I still need some login information to load the theme I want.

So there’s your tip for the day! I’m off to make this work…..



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