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This Week’s Articles of Interest September 11, 2009

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Happy Friday!! When you run your own business, the days often seem to blur together, but I think I’ve spent enough years working on a regular schedule that Friday always seems special. Of course, my 13 year old son is also quick to point out when it is Friday since he will have two days off from school and extra time to play video games!

If you do have some free time this weekend, here are some articles I saw this week that I found especially interesting. Maybe they will be helpful to you, or someone you know. I’ve emailed one link to a potential client to help him sort out some social media issues.

And this week’s articles are:

Five Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Companies Make from Denise Wakeman’s Biz Tips Blog. How many are you guilty of? What can you do to eliminate it/them?

Twenty Not-So-Obvious Blogs for Freelancers I love lists like these! Not only do they provide great information, but I like seeing how many things I already know about or am doing.

Sadly, this is one I really need to read often – Email the Great Time Waster. My inbox is totally out of control, and I spend far too much time checking it just in case something urgent came in. I think I need to read this post at the beginning of each day.

Great controversy over the president addressing kids in schools, but this blog post focuses on some good advice he gave regarding social media. Wonder if it will be followed?

Unfortunately, my time is limited and I’ve missed some great stuff out there. What articles and blog posts did you find interesting this week?



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