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Subscribing To Blogs August 26, 2009

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Last week Denise Wakeman posted a poll on the Build A Better Blog blog asking whether readers prefered to subscribe to blogs by RSS, email, or another means.

All the blogs I subscribe to come by RSS to my Google Reader. I have three email addresses going onto my inbox, and I don’t need any more mail in there to go through. The new posts sit in my Reader until I have a chance to look at them. This is what works for me, and that is fine.

What isn’t fine is that I failed to realize that not everyone would use this method. As Denise pointed out in her post, most people don’t know what RSS is, and get their updates by email. She had been told, however, that more people were using RSS, and so conducted to poll to see what her results would be.

She’s followed up with another post, and the results are this: 52% use email, 44% use RSS, and 4% use other.

While the results may be closer than some people thought, what it told me was that I could be missing out on a lot of people wanting to sign up for my blog. (OK, humor me and let me believe that a lot of people want to sign up for updates!) I had only offered the RSS option.

That is now corrected. I took a few minutes to learn how to add the email option, and if you look in the column on the right, it is there along with the RSS option.

Feel free to take advantage of this and sign upĀ  for either option!

Anyone else find this interesting? Have you offered both options on your blog? If so, what were your results?

Not sure how to add one or both options to your blog? I’ll have a WordPress tutorial posted later this week – and if you subscribe to this blog you won’t miss it!



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