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Small Steps Lead To Big Results July 28, 2009

Posted by gsbusinessresources in Motivation.
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Confucius

Have you heard that quote? It makes sense when you think about it – no matter where you want to go, or what you want to do, you need to start with a step.

And the step doesn’t have to be a big one. If you’ve dreamed of what you want, if you have an image firmly in your mind of what you want your life to be like, you are well on your way. But….you cannot  just dream. You have to take steps toward reaching that goal. Unfortunately, we often think we have to make a big step toward reaching our goals. And that leads many of us to feeling overwhelmed and unable to even begin

Start small. Take baby steps. One small step each day can move you a great distance over the course of months. You won’t notice it at first, and you may believe that doing little things isn’t helping you reach your goals. But it does help! Each step you take, no matter how small, moves you toward what you want. Sometimes you see results long after you took a certain step, but it was taking the step in the first place that put everything into motion.

So how do you know which steps to take? Start at the end – where do you want to be? What is your dream? Begin listing what needs to happen to make that a reality, then break it down further. Want to have your own business? Imagine what your business will be, what your days will be like. Start listing what you need to make this a reality. Next, list all the little things you can do to move toward that. Yes, there may be a lot of steps involved, but each day try to do a few.

And here’s my personal tip – each day, keep a list of what you have done that day. No matter how small it seems, how insignificant in the big picture, list it. Some days you’ll only have one or two tiny steps you’ve taken – and that’s OK. Other days you may fill a page or more with accomplishments. Over time, they all add up to moving you toward your dreams.

The done list is also good to have for those days when little or nothing gets accomplished. Look back over what happened on the same date the month before, three months before, 6 months before. Look at how far you’ve come in that time!

So, keep going! Keep taking small, baby steps and soon you’ll find you are miles from where you began, and that much closer to your dreams!



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