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Twitter Time Management Tips July 15, 2009

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Is Twitter taking over your life? Do you log in and suddenly realize you’ve been reading, responding and retweeting for nearly an hour?

Twitter can be fun, it can be informative, and if you’re not careful, it can be a big waste of time. If you need help managing your time on Twitter, check this out:

Karen Leland, time management blogger on the Huffington Post, has an article up today called “I’m All A Twitter: 7 Tips To Manage Your Twime”. Please give it a read and see if any of these tips might help you manage your time on Twitter – or Facebook, blogs, or any other source that sucks up a lot of your time.

I’m also honored to have my tip included in the post (it’s #6!). When I found out my tip was going to be included, I was excited. When I read through the list this morning and saw who else provided tips, I was gobsmacked!! These are people whose blogs and web sites I look at often for great information and helpful comments. So take a look at their websites for more information on starting, running, and marketing your business.

What time management tips do you use on Twitter? Leave a comment here, or on Karen’s blog so other can benefit from your knowledge.



1. Cindy Bruce - July 15, 2009

Great post – so true Social Media can consume all of your time if you let it. I will implementing several of these tips into my day/marketing plan.

Congrats on having your tip included in Karen’s post! 🙂

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