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Get Clients Now! Update #2 July 10, 2009

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As I mentioned in previous posts here and here, I worked through the Get Clients Now! program  in June. While I believe this is an excellent program filled with great ideas for building your service business, I faced several challenges along the way.

The biggest challenge was building my networking and referral groups. I knew I wanted to push myself, to see how much I could accomplish in 28 days.  But, finding meetings to attend was hard; finding meetings that fit my schedule (single parent with full-time job) was nearly impossible. Mid-way through the 28 days, I realized the goals I had set were not realistic.

I decided to change my methods, and instead, focus on referral building with people I already knew. I got in touch with those I’d talked to before to see if they could offer any names  to contact. A couple of good suggestions that I followed up on, but so far no results.

By now I’m getting quite discouraged. I have one client, and am spending part of my time working on that – which is a very good thing! But I don’t feel like I am moving my business forward. In doing my daily checklist for Get Clients Now!  I realize that I am completing the same areas over and over, and the networking and referral ones are constantly blank.

So, I had to regroup for the last week. I decided that the networking and referral area would be temporarily put aside, and I’d focus on my blog, commenting on other blogs and online forums, and making a list of everyone I could think of to contact that I had not already.

This week I have taken vacation from my day job. My son is at his dad’s, and my goal has been to work on my business. I had some client work to do and some web sites and programs to test out, but the primary goal was to network. I found lunch meetings to attend two days this week, and while I won’t be able to join these groups right now (issues with my schedule again) it was good practice for me to go, meet people, get my name out there, and collect their business cards in hope I can refer business to them and develop a relationship that way. I am also working through the list of people to contact to see if anything develops from that.

In a sense, I’m taking the program Get Clients Now! for just this area, and condensing it into one week. I’ll update again with how things work out. I’m also considering doing the Get Clients Now! again later this month, or in August when my son is back in school and my schedule is a bit more set. First I want to see how much I can accomplish in a week when all I have to focus on is my business.

More to come…..

If you’ve read the book and participated in the Get Clients Now! program, please leave a comment and let me know what you  thoughts and results were. Did you face any challenges you hadn’t anticipated, and if so, how did you work through them?



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