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Facebook Vanity URLs June 15, 2009

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As you may know, last week Facebook began offering the option of “vanity urls” so that your page would be accessed by http://www.facebook.com/yourname instead of the string of numbers and letters that was there before.

The landrush began Friday at midnight EST – which is 11:00 pm where I am. Not late at all, so I knew I’d be up. However, I was finishing some work for a client, and before I knew it, it was over an hour after the name urls became available. I wasn’t worried; my name isn’t that common and I cannot imagine why anyone would want to use it.

So I log in, and see the list that Facebook has offered, but none of them are my full name ( first, middle and last name). I type that into the other box, only to get a message that it isn’t available.


I tried several variations of my name – using only middle initial; putting a period between each name; adding numbers – only to get the same message. If I type in the Facebook URL and add any of the names I wanted to use, I get an error message that the page doesn’t exist.

So – has someone else gotten my name and just not put up a page yet? Is my complete name too long, and shorter versions of it are used by someone else? I looked through all the information on Facebook and it mentions a minimum length, but no maximum one. I didn’t put in any characters other than letters, numbers and a period, but none of the names I’ve tried are available.

Can anyone help me with this? Facebook still has some options I can use, but I’d rather have my full name.

Next on my agenda – get the page up for my business so when vanity urls are available for those pages, I can grab it.



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