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Growing my VA business with Get Clients Now! June 10, 2009

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Get Clients Now!, by CJ Hayden, outlines a 28 day program designed to help you find clients for your service business. This post, however, is not a book or program review. It is a record of what I learn as I work through the program to see if the program will help me get clients now.

I started the program in mid-May, when a  post appeared on the Virtual Assistant Forum about a reading group forming to go through the book and work the program. One thing the book notes is that it is better to work the program with a group, so you have support and encouragement. I don’t often participate in reading groups because I usually find I don’t have the time to keep up with the reading or work involved. But something told me this would be a great opportunity, so I signed on. One of the best decisions I’ve made this year!

To work the program you first choose which area you are stuck in. For me, as a new business, owner, I need to fill the pipeline with potential clients to contact and with referral sources. For more details on areas you may be stuck in, and on the ingredients to select to get you out, please see the web site where you can download the table of contents and a sample chapter.

So far, my group has had three weekly calls on Skype. (Not only have I been working the program, I’ve also had the chance to learn Skype!) I really look forward to these calls; they have been very supportive, informative, and a lot of fun! I have a feeling that we’ll continue to be a support group for each other after we finish the program.

For the first call, we read the first 3 chapters of the book, and completed the first half of the action plan. There was a lot of information there, but overall, it was easy to do. For our second call, we read the fourth chapter and finished the action plan. This is where it got more challenging. Trying to narrow down the areas we were going to focus on to help me reach my goal was hard – there were so many that I was either interested in or believed I needed to do to get my business off the ground. After much reflection, I selected the correct number and was ready to begin.

What do I think of the program so far? I like it! It is very straightforward, and can be adapted to focus on the area you are stuck in, and pick success ingredients that play to your strengths. I can see returning to the program as my business grows and I need to work another area.

And now we are actually working the program – I’ll talk about how it is going in the next post…..



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