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Unexpected Bonus May 11, 2009

Posted by gsbusinessresources in GS Business Resources.

I believe we all like to get a little something extra. It doesn’t have to be much, but receiving a little more than expected can make a big difference in how we view the person or business giving it. Even the after-dinner mint when you get your bill is a nice way to end the meal.

Last spring I wanted a flower garden, and since I live in an apartment, it was going to be in containers. I bought a selection of plants that would work in my climate, and since my budget was small, I selected mostly annuals. They thrived during the summer and well into the fall. As the temperature began getting cooler, they slowly began dying off. I hated to see that happen – it had been so nice to have the color on my patio – but it was what annuals do.

Some of the plants, however, did not die. While they no longer bloomed, the foliage continued to survive, so I set them in a sheltered area on my patio to see what happened. One by one, the foliage died off, except for one plant. I didn’t water or fertilize it; I just let it sit.


At the end of March I noticed this plant had buds on it. A week later, a couple of the buds opened and I had an unexpected burst of pink on my patio! I didn’t expect this plant to bloom this year, and I don’t know if it will survive until fall or not, but for now I am enjoying the unexpected bonus flowers.

This made me think about what unexpected bonuses I can offer my clients. Not something big, nor something they should expect such as good work or meeting deadlines. Something unexpected – an small extra service thrown in for free, a discount for each referral they send my way. I’m considering taking any mention of them and their business in print media, digitizing it and sending it to them, or taking a digital mention, printing it out and putting it in a frame for display.

I’m looking for other ideas as well. What is something extra that you could give to your clients, to put something pleasantly unexpected into their day?



1. Dave Barger - June 7, 2009

I’m guessing that your service offering and your relationship drives the “extra”. This little extra reminded me of Ed Horrel and The Kindness Revolution. He refers to the “Lagniappe”.

Looking at your ideas above, I think they’re great although I can’t tell if the press mentioning was a one-time or something that you’d repeat. (My vote is on the one-time type of meaningful things).

Thanks again for your help with the PDF annotation idea:

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