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Updating Your Thinking April 7, 2009

Posted by gsbusinessresources in GS Business Resources, Virtual Assistant.

Have you ever realized that a thought you’ve had for awhile, possibly for years, wasn’t really working? That there was another way to look at the situation that had never occurred to you before?

Well it happened to me last week. Nearly two years ago I received a gift of a coffee maker. This was a “fancy” one, complete with a built in grinder. I would have never purchased it for myself, since I had a separate grinder that worked quite well, but it was a gift from a good friend who knew I loved my morning coffee, and who had – and loved – the same coffee maker.

I also knew that her grinder had stopped working after a year and she had to purchase another one, so I decided to keep my old coffee maker “just in case” mine broke. My old one also had an espresso maker on it, and even thought I only used it a couple of times, I wanted to keep it “just in case” I decided to make espresso.

Do you see where this is going? It FINALLY occurred to me that if the grinder breaks (and it hasn’t in nearly two years of daily use), the coffee maker will still work, and I can grind my beans with my small grinder (yes, I still have it). I also had not even thought of pulling the old one out to make an espresso. I don’t drink espresso that often; if I want one I’ll head down the street to a coffee shop and let them make it.

My old coffee maker, which still worked very well, was simply taking up space in my home. So I loaded the coffee maker in my car along with some other items I was ready to let go of, and took them to a local donation center.

It felt good to let it go—–but I also felt a bit foolish for not realizing the options I had earlier. So I am trying to learn from that, and I am taking a hard look at many things and thoughts in my life, to see which ones are no longer true for my life.

How about you? What thoughts are you holding on to that you can let go of? Are you a small business owner who thinks you have to do it all yourself because no one else would give it the proper attention? That you cannot afford to hire anyone to help you? That spending your valuable time doing tasks you hate is better than handing it off to someone else, allowing you to focus on what you do enjoy?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is something worth thinking about. A VA may be more affordable than you think, and certainly more affordable than hiring an employee. Think about it – you don’t pay for vacations, holidays, or lunch breaks. Since a VA is an independent contractor, they depend upon doing a good job to receive repeat business and referrals.

Consider giving you thinking an update. Consider a Virtual Assistant to help take care of tasks that you don’t enjoy, freeing your time on what you went into business for in the first place.



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