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Free Resources on the Internet March 6, 2009

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Starting and running a business is hard, and money is often tight. Finding something free that will help run a business is good – finding something free that works and really helps your business is great!

I have found a couple of resources on the internet that are free, and from what I’ve been able to test, work very well. They are listed below – see if any of them might meet one of your business needs, and give it a try.

Know of another free service out there that might benefit small businesses? Please reply and share!


Found this on Virtual Assistant 3.0. Downloaded and ran it on my ancient desktop and my laptop. The desktop does seem to be running a better these days, which is what I had hoped for. Freed up a lot of space on my laptop as well, which is always a very good thing! For Windows only – anyone know of a Mac alternative?

Letter Me Later

I’ve used Gmail for nearly three years now, and while I love it, it is missing one feature I wish it had – the ability to schedule emails to be sent at a future time. I often think of an email I want to send late at night or over the weekend, but since so many people have emails sent to the Blackberrys or iPhones, I don’t necessarily want to bother them outside of business hours. With Letter Me Later, I can set up email to be sent at the time I want without having to find a way to remind myself. Very handy!

Sadly, I cannot remember where I found a reference to this one, but I am very glad that I did!

Please let me know what you think!



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