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So…what does a VA do? February 26, 2009

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Virtual Assistant, or VA for short, is a term that many people aren’t familiar with. VAs do exactly what an office staff can do, but they do it from a remote location. By using the internet, email, fax and telephone, an assistant can be located anywhere. They can work for a company located down the road, across the country, or on the other side of the world.  The advantage to a business owner is that the work can be done without having to hire an employee and pay benefits. You only pay for the time that is actually spent working on your projects.

If you are used to having staff in the office, it may be a bit disconcerting to have someone located elsewhere. However, you may find that a VA can provide the added touch that your business needs to make it run more efficiently.  To get started, may I suggest that you find one or two tasks that you do not enjoy, and hire a VA to do them? See how it goes, then consider hiring them for other tasks. The tasks can be one-time things, or can be chores that come up regularly.

Think about it – what could you do to grow your business with the time you would free up by hiring a VA?



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